Resume DevOps Engineer
(215) 688-8159
2614 Tulip Street,
Philadelphia PA. 19125

Dedicated professional specializing in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and improving overall operations. Proficient in maintaining, troubleshooting, and designing all aspects of networks and cloud infrastructure for large corporations. Strong ability to think outside of the box and recognize areas of improvement and implement cost-effective solutions. Can develop system documentation and create policies to meet the needs of dynamic and continuously changing environments.

Comcast2017 - PresentDevOps Engineer (Team Lead)
  • Daily work with Kafka, setting up brokers and consumers. Receiving messages from syslog-ng.
  • Daily work configuring and automating processes using bash.
  • Configuring highly available and fault tolerant environments.
  • Working in staging, prod and dev environments.
  • Working with a variety of operating systems. Working with both Debian and RHEL based OS.
  • Extensive work with AWS VPC, EC2, S3, IAM, security groups,  subnets, ACLs etc.
  • Implementing IPv6 in AWS. Using bash to automate the assignment of IPv6 to a running instance.
  • Working with DNS and route53.
  • Working with ELK Stack. Configuring Kibana and elasticsearch clustering.
  • Creating network diagrams for production/QA infrastructure builds.
  • Configuring Zabbix server and agents for application monitoring.
  • Utilizing haproxy for application load balancing.
  • Configuring autoscaling on AWS with Cloudwatch rules triggering.
  • Daily work with Amazon SQS. Sending messages to queues and receiving messages as well. Setting up Cloudwatch alarm according to the volume of messages.
  • Using an internal platform that is based on puppet for deployments in AWS. Utilizing gradle and hiera.
  • Utilizing AWS Run Command to execute Linux commands outside of the underlying OS.
  • Work with JSON, Python and other scripting languages.
Cloudnexa2016-2017AWS Support Engineer
  • Managing incoming tickets from clients.
  • Troubleshooting issues in the AWS environment.
  • Working on a daily basis with EC2, RDS, ELB, CloudWatch and CloudTrail, VPC
  • Configuring alarms on instances and ELBs
  • Configuring VPN tunnels and security groups and ACLs
  • Implementing lifecycle and backup policies for instances and EBS volumes.
  • Troubleshooting Linux and Windows servers.
  • Working with LAMP stack for Linux.
  • Daily work with load balancing and autoscaling..
  • Managing DNS records in Route53.
  • Using Putty to connect to Linux instances and run updates, investigate logs and attaching new EBS volumes.
  • Creating Workspaces for clients using SimpleAD.
  • Configuring Bastion hosts for clients.
  • Involved in on-boarding process for new clients.
  • Working with multiple storage solutions: S3, S3 IA, S3 RRS, Glacier.
  • Assisting clients with initiating Snowball.
  • Applying SSL certs to ELBs, IIS and Linux instances.
South Jersey Techies2016-2016Systems Administrator
  • Onsite and remote support for managed services clients.
  • Setting up, configuring and maintaining Windows servers.
  • Configuring Cisco ASA, loading config files.
  • Working knowledge of DHCP, TCP/IP, DNS, FTP
  • In charge of multiple Wordpress projects, tampering with CSS, HTML, light PHP, cPanel.
  • Using fireworks and dreamweaver.
  • Migrating SQL databases, managing clients domains.
  • Involved in cabling jobs, terminating Cat5e cable, running them and testing.
  • Working with AD, GPO, RDS, IIS7.
  • Office 365 management.
  • Using RMM tools to monitor clients servers.
  • Taking part in an on call rotation.
Genius Computer2015-2016Systems Administrator
  •  Onsite and remote desktop and server support.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of Windows based networks.
  • Data backup, recovery and restoring files.
  • Working with Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and SBS.
  • Working with Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013.
  • Mapping network drives and applying exe policy through GPO.
  • Citrix and Terminal Services support troubleshooting.
  • Managing two hosted DNS servers using Plesk, modifying Wordpress themes on an HTML/CSS level.
  • Terminal Services, Exchange 2013, Office 365.
  • Configuring Dell SonicWall, SSL VPN.
  • Ubuntu server 14.04, SSH sessions, XRDP.
  • Purchasing and installing SSL certs in IIS 7.
Comcast Business2014-2014Tech Support Agent
  • Answered phone calls and documented customer’s issues.
  • Created escalation tickets.
  • Troubleshooting customer’s equipment (SMC, CISCO)
  • Worked with TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, DHCP and assigned blocks of static IP’s on client’s devices.
  • Checked internet connectivity.
  • Provided resolution for business customers.
  • Provided floor support for new employees.
Omnicomp2013-2014Helpdesk Administrator
  • Remote troubleshooting and Virus Removals for clients.
  • Installed and configured MS Office and Outlook.
  • Set up servers for deployments.
  • Set up hyper-V, RAIDs, AD, GPO.
  • Managed office RMA’s.
  • Took part in LAN/WAN projects.
  • Performed data migration and data recovery.
  • OSX, Linux, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, Ubuntu, Server 2008, 2012.
  • Built custom workstations for clients.
WiseImpact2009 - 2012SEO Specialist
  • Managed a wide network of ghost sites (around 200), connected through FTP client and edited sites on a HTML/CSS level.
  • Managed a link building operation selling/buying with a $50,000 monthly budget.
  • Modified DNS for customer’s websites.
  • Worked with PHPmyAdmin, Wordpress and MySQL.
EC2Elastic Cloud Compute
ELBElastic Loadbalancing
RDSRelational Database Service
ZabbixMonitoring Tool
Route53AWS DNS services
HAproxyLoad balancing
RHELRed Hat Operating systems
DebianUbuntu Operating system
Security GroupsDefining security policies
CloudwatchAlarms and conditions
S3Storage solution from AWS
Bash Scripting
Big Data
KafkaMessaging queue
SQSSimple Queue Service
SNSSimple Notification Service
GithubManaging code on Github

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